The best Santa is at The Grove


The best Santa Claus is at The Grove LA. That’s the type of stuff you know when you’re a second-time mom. This one doesn’t smile, “keeps it real” and returns every year so that families can achieve continuity in their annual Santa photos. (Seriously, it’s a thing.)

In fact, he’s such a popular Santa that we waited 3 hours for this year’s picture. That’s 2x longer than the Disneyland line for Anna and Elsa’s meet and greet, and 3x longer than your average wait for dumplings at Din Tai Fung. Thank goodness for technology: we just checked in, hung out at the mall for 3 hours (e.g. walked around American Girl saying “no” to everything for 3 hours) and popped in for a quick photo at the end of the night. Annual Santa photo, check!

Week End 05.10

Even though this is my fourth time around, I still can’t believe sometimes that I’m the one being celebrated on Mother’s Day! We had a wonderful weekend with family, including two of the best meals I’ve had in a long time. On Saturday night we took my sister and the kiddos to eat sushi at Shunji, which has to be my favorite spot for omakase! Everybody there is so friendly, and was so welcoming even though we had two littles in tow. 😛 On Sunday we met up with the rest of my family for brunch at The District by Hannah An. Their soft shell crab, lobster and uni noodles were hands down the most amazing noodles ever. And if you know how obsessed I am with noodles, you know I don’t take this label lightly! This mama was definitely spoiled with good food this weekend!

Week End 11.03

This week I stayed at home while my mom was on vacation to spend some quality time with this little one. What resulted was probably the busiest week ever trying to juggle working at home and keeping this one busy! We did a lot of painting as that was the only time she left me undisturbed on my laptop. On Friday we visited Lucy Dog and Bart Pup in Irvine (oh, and their mommy too heehee) and Maddie had the best day ever with Auntie Elaine. Then we hit up two birthday parties over the weekend. One more next weekend and we should be done with the fall birthday circuit!

Happy Halloween!

halloweenHappy Halloween! We got good use out of Maddie’s giraffe costume this year. In addition to trick-or-treating on Halloween day, she also wore it to the PV Harvest Festival costume contest and both Max’s and my office on Halloween day. Not to mention the countless times she would romp around the house as a giraffe, wiggling her tail!

This was our first year trick-or-treating. Last year we took a short walk around the neighborhood to look at costumes but didn’t feel right approaching doors and asking for candy (for an infant). This year we joined the other PV families for a large parade around Concert Park then trick-or-treated at the shops. Maddie was so amazed that people were giving her candy left and right, especially since she just learned what candy is. Most stores and homes let her pick candy from a large bucket so of course she went straight for the lollipops! After the shops we hit up a couple of neighbors’ homes but she wasn’t into the whole approach-a-stranger’s-house thing so we stopped after a few.


At home she broke into her stash as soon as I left the bag unattended!


Week End 10.27

We’re gearing up for Halloween and of all things Maddie decides she wants to be a giraffe this year! I was ready to bet money that she’d pick a ballerina or fairy, but she is full of surprises! Maddie caught a cold and I had my first 60-hour work week in a while so you can see that not much happened this week. We spent Saturday in the park at the Playa Vista Harvest Festival. Even though she was still shaking off her cold she still went on stage for her dance recital and played at the festival for 4 hours! Maddie loved the ball pit and the horse-drawn wagon ride. Then she went down for a 3 hour nap. :)weekend_1027